Join Principal UX Designer Scot Przybylski, Thursday July 21st, to learn more about why and how Pivotal Labs conducts user interviews. The “user interview” is a typical form of UX research used to understand and learn about the needs of users. Interviewing can be difficult if you haven’t done it before, are a perpetual introvert, or don’t understand how to explain the value of talking to users to your clients.

This workshop will provide insight into some of the best practices and tricks of the trade used at Pivotal Labs. Scot will discuss:

  • The value of interviewing your customers/users
  • How to recruit & schedule the right people and the right amount of people
  • Crafting questions that will provide valuable answers
  • Finding the right environment for the interview
  • Who should be in the room
  • Establishing trust and rapport quickly
  • Being a good listener, how to probe, how to avoid leading the participant
  • Documenting the interview

We’ll then take what we learned and put it to practice through a series of interviews with each other.