My Story

My goal for the companies I work with is to represent Design as a valuable business asset at the core of everything they do. I do this through activities and workshops that are designed to bring disparate groups together to understand each others needs and goals as well as all of their internal and external channels and touch points as a single experience.

My goal for the teams I am a part of is to mentor, teach, and build diverse and inclussive balanced teams with the right resources, activities and tools needed to be flexible, creative, and confident in making sound decisions and strategies driven by evidence-based design in an Agile environment.

My Process

Process is very necessary to provide structure around a human-centered and evidence based design practice in any kind of business where people are a part of it’s core. Process not only provides structure to “create”, it instills confidence in teams knowing they are using proven activities and tools to guide them to the right outcomes.


Getting people listening to each other and working together is often difficult but is the first step in creating a shared understanding of their individual problems, needs and goals. When we understand each other we can begin to move forward with certainty and confidence around shared goals that we all have a part in crafting.


Conduct interviews with stakeholders and executives and talk to real users to validate ideas and assumptions, discover opportunities, and frame problems and solutions.


In addition to the analysis of web and or app analytics and customer feedback, synthesis of the results from discovery helps to uncover actionable insights and opportunities. Synthesis uncovers problems and brings potential solutions to light. This is evidence based decision making and design. The evidence collected is broken down, organized and prioritized. This enables a product to move forward quickly with confidence in smaller more easily managed releases.


Iteration is the repetition of experiments and applying the evidence, each time, to the result of the previous release. After determining if the work satisfies the goals of the business and the needs of users, a roadmap, or similar plan, is defined with incremental releases of features and functionality. In turn, each release is thoroughly tested with users before it is delivered and before the next release begins and the process starts again.

My Skills

The world is always changing and every skill has room to grow. As an expert and leader in the field of UX Design I am constantly learning to grow my skills.

  • Design Leadership

  • Design Team Management

  • Product Strategy

  • Design Research

  • Enablement & Teaching

  • Public Speaking

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Interaction Design

  • User Interface Design